If you are reading this website it is likely that you have keratoconus or are concerned about a family member or friend with the condition.  It is quite normal to be confused and frustrated about this condition, as accurate information is hard to come by.  We know that once you have systematically gone through all of this information you will be much more comfortable about understanding keratoconus, its treatments and possible outcomes.

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Keratoconus management and treatment

At The Eye Practice in Sydney, we fit all forms of specialised keratoconus designed contact lenses. If a design cannot be found from an Australian laboratory we also fit many lenses from as far away as New Zealand, Israel and the USA.

For more information about keratoconus, visit our website and our BLOG which will update you on what is the latest information on this frustrating condition. Remember though Keratoconus does not have be a disaster. If you consult with experts your mind will be put to rest.